The affairs of the Association is managed by a Management Committee (ManCo) consisting of not less than eight and not more than twelve members, as determined at the relevant Annual General Meeting (AGM), and elected at the AGM. Any paid-up member of the Association may make him/herself available for election.

Members of ManCo is elected for a period of two years, subject to the requirement that at least 40% of the membership is elected each year. Any serving Committee member is eligible for re-election, and does not require re-nomination, providing that willingness to stand for re-election is confirmed in writing.

The Management Commitee members' details can be viewed «here»

ManCo, immediately after the annual election, elect from its members a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson of the Association. The positions of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson is not held for longer than three (3) years in any continuous period.

Subsequent to an election, ManCo nominate and at a subsequent meeting co-opt persons to fill any vacancy arising through resignation or other cause.

ManCo may perform such acts as are necessary to accomplish the objectives of the Association and which may be legally accomplished by an universitas personarum. Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, such powers shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • the operation of banking accounts with all powers required by such operations;
  • the investment and re-investment of monies of the Association not immediately required, in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by ManCo;
  • the making of, entering into and carrying out of contracts or agreements for any of the purposes of the Association;
  • the employment and payment of agents, servants and any other parties;
  • the right to sue and to defend actions in the name of the Association and to appoint legal representatives for this purpose;
  • the levying of a subscription payable by members;
  • the appointment of any sub-committee with members drawn from ManCo and other persons, under the chairmanship of a ManCo member, and granting such powers to it as may be considered necessary.

The Association is pledged to be non-political and non-commercial, thus any member of ManCo, having any financial, political or business interest in any matter under discussion, must declare such interest and recuse him/herself from such discussions by ManCo and any vote thereon.

No person holding political office shall be eligible to act on ManCo but may attend meetings in an advisory capacity.

No member of ManCo or any sub-committee shall be entitled to use his/her position on such committees to promote his/her financial and/or business interests, or to use for such purposes confidential information obtained through his/her position.


ManCo shall meet regularly each month except January.

The quorum for a ManCo meeting shall be 60% of its members, present personally or by proxy.

ManCo may, at its discretion, enlist from time to time supernumeraries for their expertise in certain matters, who shall not however have voting power.

Special Meetings may be called by the Chairperson or, in absentia, the Vice-Chairperson, and shall be called if so requested by six members of ManCo.

Any member of ManCo who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without justifiable leave of absence shall forfeit his/her office.

Resolutions shall, where necessary, be carried by a simple majority of members of ManCo present at a Committee Meeting.

Town planning matters and other topics that require regular consideration may be dealt with in the first instance by portfolio sub-committees appointed by Manco in terms of Clause 8.1.7.


ManCo may terminate the membership of any person who is no longer qualified to be a member or whose subscription is more than three calendar months in arrears. ManCo may on good cause or breach of the Constitution by a member terminate his or her membership provided that such member may, within ten days of this action, note an appeal against such decision, which shall be considered at the next General Meeting of Association members or at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.

A ManCo member shall cease to hold office if:

  • by notice in writing to ManCo he/she resigns his/her office;
  • he/she becomes of unsound mind;
  • he/she surrenders his/her estate as insolvent or his/her estate is sequestrated;
  • he/she is convicted of any criminal offence which involves dishonesty;
  • by resolution of a General Meeting of the Association he/she is removed from his/her office.
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