Dear Camps Bay and Clifton resident / owner

Many of you may not know about the CBRRA or what it does. The CBRRA has been around for many years. The Executive Committee offers their time and expertise free of charge for the mutual benefit of ALL owners and residents of Camps Bay and Clifton. It is through the tireless work of Exco Members over many years that Camps Bay and Clifton are what they are today – arguably the most desirable places to live in South Africa. You should consider the CBRRA as your community friend looking after your interests in the Camps Bay and Clifton communities.

Some of the main objectives of the CBRRA are:

  1. To bring back a sense of community to residents.
  2. To work in the best interests of all residents and owners.
  3. To assist and guide owners with planning matters.
  4. To work with Council and Councillors in order to preserve / enhance the beauty of Camps Bay and Clifton (eg maintenance of open spaces) for all residents and owners and restrict control of Liquor Outlets.
  5. To ensure only suitable events within the community are held.
  6. To work hand-in-hand with Camps Bay Watch (CBW) and other community bodies.

We would like to invite you all to join CBRRA and assist Exco in making the Camps Bay and Clifton communities even better. It is only with the support of the community that we are able to achieve our objectives and protect your interests.

If you would like to join, please can you e-mail us and we would be pleased to welcome you. All we ask for is a nominal contribution of R300 per annum. Alternatively, you can make a combined contribution of R500 for 2014 and 2015. This can be paid either in cash at Herbert Properties office or alternatively by means of an EFT. The bank details are as follows:

For those of you who are already Members, we would like to thank you. If you could forward this e-mail to anyone you know and encourage them to become members, we would be most grateful.

BANKING DETAILS: First National Bank, Branch code: 201709, Account No: 62062797934

Print this form, fill it out and together with proof of payment, fax to 021 438 8784 or email to and we will be in touch with you.

Membership Application Form


Residential Address:


Code: _________________

Postal Address:


Code: _________________

Tel Home: ________________________________

Tel Work: ________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________

Cell: ____________________________________

E-Mail: __________________________________



The character of our village will inevitably change with time.
It’s how we manage this change
It’s about not just allowing things
to happen just for the sake of ‘progress’,
we have to engage in the ongoing change in our society and surroundings
if we are to protect the unique character of our village.

This fragile village needs more.
More people with passion,
more hands,
more budget,
to protect, manage, monitor, advise, collaborate
and oversee the change to our village.

What are YOU doing about it?

Join CBRRA today.
Contact us with your offer of help.

The CBBRA Website is proudly sponsored by Herbert Properties.